Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is is a whole oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconut and is made up of glycerin and fatty acids. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. It saponifies slowly and if the soap is not hot processed should be allowed to cure least 4 weeks. It is used to add hardening and lathering properties to bar soaps and lathering properties to liquid soaps. Too much coconut oil can lead to a soap that will dry the skin.

Properties added to soap: Hardening, Lathering, Drying if overused.
Bar (NaOH) SAP:0.1897
Liquid (KOH) SAP:0.2660
Iodine Value:258
INS Value:10
Lauric Acid:39% - 54%
Linoleic Acid:1% - 2%
Myristic Acid:15% - 23%
Oleic Acid:4% - 11%
Palmitic Acid:6% - 11%
Ricinoleic Acid:0%
Stearic Acid:1% - 4%
Effects on biodiesel glycerin soaps:
  • Coconut oil will NOT participate in glycerin negation when used in biodiesel glycerin soaps.
  • Bar Soap - Coconut oil will add lathering and hardening properties.
  • Liquid Soap - Biodiesel glycerin liquid soap will benefit from added lather with the use of coconut oil.
  • Hybrid Soap - Coconut oil can add lathering properties to biodiesel soaps that use both sodium and potassium based glycerin.