Lard Enhanced Bar Soap

Lard Bar

25oz NaOHGlycerin Byproduct (24% SAP)
39oz Lard

0.85oz NaOH for Glycerin Byproduct (24% SAP)
5.37oz NaOH for Lard

15oz Distilled Water

1oz scent of your choice

Optional: 1T sodium lactate powder added to caustic solution.

A 24% biodiesel glycerin SAP value was used in formulating this recipe.

Use the biodiesel kit tutorial and video to cold process this recipe.

  • Your SAP may very -- Please obtain a SAP specific to your glycerin and always check the final pH of your soap.
  • This recipe can be hot processed (HP) or cold processed (CP).
  • Soap may be pasty at pour time if hot processing, sodium lactate can be used to help with pourability.